Program at a Glance

as of August 7, 2019

Program at a Glance

Keynote Speakers

Trends in Design and Technology of Aluminium Structures in Europe

Federico M. Mazzolani
University of Naples Federico II

Environmental Advantages of Sustainable Aluminum Structures

J├╝rgen R. Hirsch
Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products R&D Bonn

Low-temperature Linear Friction Welding of Metal and Alloys with 100% Joint Efficiency

Hidetoshi Fujii
Osaka University

Trend of Building Structure Design in Japan

Toshihiko Iijima
IIJIMA Structural Design Office Co., Ltd.

Joining of Aluminum to Steel with Butt Joint Using Laser Welding-brazing Method

Zhuguo Li
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Roadmap on Joining Technologies for Aluminum Structures

Tadashi Aiura
Japan Light Metal Welding Association