INALCO 2019 JAPAN 14th International Aluminum Conference

14th International Aluminium Conference

November 13-15, 2019
Ito International Research Center,
The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Conference Organizer
Japan Light Metal Welding Association
Japan Aluminium Association
Supporting Organization
The Light Metal Educational Foundation, Inc.
The Japan Welding Engineering Society
ONR Global
Cooperating Organization
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Aluminium Architectural Products Council
The Japan Institute of Light Metals
Japan Welding Society

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INALCO is one of the world class international conferences related to Aluminum structures. INALCO has been organized in a purpose to expand the market of Aluminum structures which have been composed of architectures, civil engineering, transportations and so on. The conference comprehensively covers a fundamental research, applications and codifications on technologies of Aluminum structures.

The launching conference was taken place at Cleveland, USA in 1979. Since 2nd conference at Munich, Germany, Officially INALCO has been periodically taken place every 3 year at various venues all over the world, following Osaka (2007) Netherland (2010) Canada (2013) Italy (2016), Tokyo (2019) will be a coming venue of 14th INALCO.

During a conference, the latest progresses of technologies on various aluminum structures are discussed with experts from industries, academia and governments. To be more specific, discussed issues are regarding designing technologies of architectures, saving energy consumptions, environments, and so on. Main Theme of 14th INALCO2019 Tokyo will be ‘Advantages of Aluminum Structures on Environments’ featured with sustainability, durability, and life cycle performances. During the meeting deep discussions would be expected regarding weight reduction technologies of transportations, recycling issues, concept of products life cycle cost, etc.